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A 14-Year-Old Boy Runs Into Oncoming Traffic On The Highway To Save A Cat Thrown Out Of The Car By The Previous Owner’s Ruthlessness

Erin Brown was driving on a highway, taking her son, Gavin, to a birthday party, when something she couldn’t believe was could happen – happened.

She saw a window on a moving car in front of them opening, and a cat was thrown out of it.

She screamed and stopped the car immediately. As soon as she stopped Gavin ran out of the car and signalled incoming traffic to stop so he could reach the cat and save it.

“In shock watching the cat slam the pavement and scurry all over the highway he ran to the overpass right by me and jumped on top of the overpass about to jump down,” Brown shares with Love Meow.


The terrified cat was struggling to breathe. He just pulled his nails off trying to retain his grasp on the pavement.

“He snuggled directly into Gavin’s arms, and Gavin simply continued caressing him to show him that we wouldn’t injure him and win the cat’s trust,” says Gavin.


They transported Lucky to BluePearl Animal Hospital, where the professionals looked after him and gave him medicines. “Gavin was holding to his new child. He was a heated emotional mess over this cat, and the relationship was immediate.”

A few days later, a friendly stranger saw their story on Facebook and volunteered to cover the most of their medical costs. Gavin was floored by the thoughtful gesture, and tears welled up in his eyes. “‘I’ll also donate the $63 I have to pay for my new cat to help us get closer to the amount,’ he said. My heart was overflowing with thankfulness “Brown said.


Lucky is going in wonderfully in his new apartment.

The two friends grew very close. “Lucky knows Gavin helped him, and their relationship is something I can’t put into words,” Brown added. “So far, Lucky is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met! He’s very laid-back and lively, and he’s just plain cute!”

The brave young man is passionate about animals and has always desired to be a veterinarian. We are confident that he will become the world’s greatest veterinarian.

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