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This Kitten And Baby Raccoon’s Wrestling Match Was Captured On Video, And It’s Really Adorable

We’re coming towards the end of the week and could use a little boost. Thanks to these two little pals who recently decided to have a wrestling battle, we’re all set!

Pocahontas, in northern Arkansas, is the site of the contest. It’s between Wednesday, the kitten, and Hansel or Gretel, the raccoon. As the video’s veterinary technician, Jacey Oakes does not reveal which animal is which (the other raccoon is seen in the background of the video).

Antagonizer Wednesday jumps twice on Hansel/Gretel before tying them up. Jumping and untangling of the kitten was repeated, while the other raccoon was satisfied to roam about in the background, not bothering to tag out their companion at all.

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It appears that Wednesday has one final pounce on Wednesday’s prey as it attempts to flee.

“In addition, they have a really good relationship and are of a similar age to one other. A lively kitten named Wednesday has never hurt any of the other kittens “ According to Yahoo!, Oakes said.

It aches to see a non-harmful scuffle that is so cute it hurts. I swear the weekend has already here.