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Little Dog Cries After Becoming Reunited With His Mother Cow, Who Raised Him

There is a widespread belief that animals do not experience emotions in the same way that people do. But, time and again, we hear stories of the unique bonds created between their species, which defy this idea and demonstrate that, like us, they are capable of displaying empathy and experiencing emotions.
The following tale wonderfully illustrates this notion, and will make you realize that we have a lot more in common with these beings than we believe.

Rookie, a little but active puppy, formed an odd friendship with a brown female cow owned by his master. Their bond was created because the cow acted like Rookie’s “actual” mother, frequently licking his coat and nuzzling him. The dog was even observed sitting or sleeping on the cow’s back at times.

Rookie was the most devastated dog in the world when the cow was sold. Even though it would be difficult for him, the family had no alternative but to sell the cow because they couldn’t afford to have two. The mom cow was taken from the pen she and Rookie frequented in preparation for sale.

Rookie’s sadness was palpable as the cow was taken outside. He began wailing and weeping, and his face was filled with sorrow. His eyes were so moist that he appeared to be sobbing actual tears upon being removed from his “mommy.” It was sad to see their departure, as the dog can be seen going across the threshold while crying out to the cow. His mother, though, had vanished at that point.

But then he heard a moo-ing close one day, and Rookie knew just who it was. The quick-footed dog bolted down the street while his owner rushed after him, yelling his name. But the dog was irrepressible, and he dashed as fast as he could to the source of the noise.

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Finally, he arrived at the cow’s new residence — another barn in the hamlet close enough to Rookie’s shelter. When the pup spotted the cow, he couldn’t contain his excitement and began barking and leaping to lick the cow’s face. It was a heartwarming reunion – but it wouldn’t last long.

When Rookie’s owner discovered him, he chastised him for fleeing and took him home, despite the dog’s protests. He yipped and growled in agony all the way out of the barn, knowing full well that they were about to be separated once more.

CREDIT: whitewolfpack

Rookie was inconsolable at home, having lost his normal excitement and vitality. He eventually lost his appetite and refused the dish of dog food that was provided to him. Rookie’s owners were concerned that he might fade away as a result of his acute grief. The dog merely wandered about the cage where his mother used to reside, hoping for her to return.

Rookie’s owners couldn’t stand seeing him in pain, so they decided to bring the cow back home! They were retaining the cow for Rookie’s sake, regardless of the financial consequences. Aside from reintroducing Rookie to his mother, the owners also introduced him to a new playmate — another tiny dog! This is to help him improve and develop his social abilities as a dog, as growing up with a cow would not be beneficial to him in that regard.