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For the first time in 50 years, an elephant shrew has been found alive.

In the last two years many animal species have been extinct. However, some species that disappeared long ago have been rediscovered.

 Some of the animal experts were rare witnesses when they saw after many years the spotted leopard and the saki monkey.


After being categorized as a “lost species” for the past 50 years, the elephant shrew has been rediscovered. Elephant shrews have been spotted for the first time since 1968, when the last sightings were documented. During an expedition in Djibouti, a country in the Horn of Africa, they were rediscovered.


The elusive species must have done a good job of hiding, since the explorers found an abundance of these animals in the area. The lovely little animals are also called as “sengi,” and they’re linked to elephants, as well as aardvarks and manatees, despite the fact that they’re neither shrews nor elephants. Their nostrils, in fact, reconstruct an elephant’s trunk. Of course, in little!


The researchers utilized over 1,000 traps in 12 different places to find them. The snegi was found thanks to a mixture of peanut butter, oats, and yeast. “We simply stared at each other and couldn’t believe it when we opened the first trap and saw the small tuft of hair on the tip of its tail,” Steven Heritage, a research scientist at the Duke University Lemur Center, told the BBC. “…we knew it was something unique as we gazed at each other. They aren’t well-known creatures, yet it’s difficult not to admire them when you encounter them.”