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Mama Bear Chastises Her Youngster For Peering Out These People’s Windows

Sumer Walser Williams and her husband awoke one morning in North Carolina, USA, to the sounds of an unexpected guest. A cute baby bear was watching them through the windows.

Sumer said to The Dodo:

“We were awakened by sounds outside our bedroom window, which overlooked our front balcony. When I switched on the lights on the front deck, there was, indeed, a dog at the front door.

The small bear stepped up to have a closer look of Sumer and her husband through the glass while Sumer and her husband stared in amazement.

Teddy Bear is caught spying on people and gets in trouble with Mama Bear.


The couple were unconcerned about being startled awake by this strange beast at early with a scandal. She was ecstatic and fascinated, on the contrary.

Sumer said:

“We thought to ourselves, ‘This is really great.'”

However, not everyone was pleased with the bear’s behavior. After a few seconds, the puppy’s mother came, climbed onto the terrace, and reprimanded him for what she had observed him doing.

Take a look at this lovely video:

Sumer, a mother of two small children, understood the mother bear’s outrage at her son’s misbehavior completely.

She stated:

“It was a piece of cake to figure out. That is my experience with my own children on a regular basis. That, I believe, is what made the video so wonderful. Some parts of parenting are universal across animals, according to the study. ‘

The lady imagines the mother bear telling her youngster something along the lines of: “I’ve told you hundreds of times not to disturb humans.”


The bears eventually left, bringing an end to a memorable stay for Sumer and her husband.

Sumer continued:

“These visits serve as a gentle reminder that we are guests in their homes, just as they are in ours.”