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This Pet Family Is Absolutely Obsessed With Their New Brother

Roxy, Edith, Rosie, Jake, and Mia are doggie and feline family who get along swimmingly. The five siblings are very loving and supportive of one another and their parents, and they were delighted to welcome a new family member into the pack when he arrived one day.

Kasey Boggs could tell her dogs realized something was different when she and her husband found out they were carrying a baby, especially that day they were leaving for the hospital to deliver the baby.


“They were out of sorts with us being gone for a few days, and we had left in a hurry,” Boggs told The Dodo. “They could sense that something was wrong with me and the haste of our leaving.”

Boggs and her husband had no clue how their pack would respond to the new baby when he was finally ready to come home from the hospital, but it turned out they had nothing to worry about.


“My husband came home with a blanket we had swaddled Sonny in while in the hospital the night after we delivered him. The dogs were ecstatic to get a smell of it “Boggs said. “The blanket seems to address a lot of their questions. They seemed to be anticipating Sonny’s arrival when we brought him home. They seemed to know we wouldn’t be returning home alone. They have regarded and cherished Sonny as one of their own since the day we brought him home.”

Now that Sonny is an actual member of their family, each of them has their own unique method of expressing how much they already adore him.


Mia, the single cat, is always keeping an eye on Sonny from a safe distance. While he cuddles with his mother in bed, she perches on the pillows above him, watching his every move to ensure he’s always secure.

“I believe she believes her duty is to keep a hawk’s eye on everyone,” Boggs added. “That’s how she protects us.”

Roxy, the pack’s first member, enjoys curling up close to Sonny and napping alongside him. She’s spent the most time with her mother and appears to recognize the significance of Sonny’s presence in their family’s life journey.

“I believe Sonny has had the biggest influence on Roxy,” Boggs remarked. “She has witnessed my development into the person I am now through the years and has shared many significant life events with me. She understands the significance of this one and demonstrates it.”


Edith and Rosie are always on the lookout for those who are crying. When Sonny begins to weep, they perk up and refuse to return to what they were doing until one of his parents has tried to comfort him.


Jake, the pack’s single boy sibling (until Sonny arrived, of course), is excited to be a big brother. He considers himself to be a nursing and diaper-changing helper, which he takes extremely seriously. He rarely misses a meal or a diaper change, and he enjoys simply snuggling up next to Sonny and being with him.


Sonny’s fur siblings were waiting for him from the minute he arrived home, and they’ll be there for him every step of the way as he grows up.

“They understand the importance of being kind, and their devotion is the ideal of how every child must be treated with,” Boggs added.