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Every Day, Sparrow Visits The Restaurant With His Favorite Person For Lunch

Before realizing it was the same bird every day, a man who began eating lunch at a neighborhood restaurant became irritated by the birds that continued trying to steal his food.

In September, the guy began identifying the sparrow by the bald patch on his feathers, and realized it was the same bird that had joined him for lunch.


When the sparrow first came to nibble at his meal, the man was alarmed because he believed the bald patch on his head indicated he was unwell or injured. The bird would chirp in astonishment as it flew away, and that would make me feel awful, so I’d ultimately let him peck at my meal because I’d finished it.”


Baldie the sparrow was given a name by the guy, and the two of them have made dining together a habit. Baldie is always waiting for the man when he returns from the diner…


… looking forward to finishing his meal and spending time with his pal.

“Every now and then he doesn’t show up for a few days, and I’m left wondering what happened to him,” the guy explained. “But so far, Baldie has always returned with a ravenous tummy.”


The man, ironically, chose the cafe because it is remote and allows him to dine alone in peace. Instead, he made an unusual buddy and looks forward to seeing Baldie every day at lunch.