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Alive Sharks Discovered Inside A Volcano

Greetings from the Solomon Islands’ Kavachi Volcano, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It began exploding in 1939, and the most recent one was in January of year (2014). According to National Geographic, Kavachi not only acts as a vent for the Earth’s hot core, but it also serves as a haven for marine life.

In the video below, ocean engineer Brennan Phillips explains, “When it’s exploding, there’s no way anything could exist in there.” That’s why it’s so confusing to find these animals deep within the volcano. They’re in a situation where they may “die at any time,” so how can they make it? These are the thoughts that come to mind after seeing this jaw-dropping video.

Now we begin our ascent up the volcano.

As the camera drops into the lava plume, the water’s hue changes significantly.

The sixgill stingray was the first animal found.

During the camera’s hour-long trip within the underwater volcano, three species were observed: the scalloped hammerhead shark, the silky shark, and the sixgill stingray.

Phillips muses in the film on the discovery that these creatures dwell on an active volcano: “Are they going to leave? Is there any indication that it’s going to erupt? Do they go up in a big ball or in pieces?” When the researchers first came, they just had one question. By the time they left, they had dozens of them. That, according to Phillips, is what makes this project so special.