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The Capybara Family Discovers How To Use The Crosswalk

Capybaras, the world’s biggest rodents, are also some of the world’s prettiest and chillest creatures. So now there’s one more thing to add to that list of advantages.

They appear to be excellent pedestrians as well.


Passers-by in Cuiabá, Brazil, came upon a strange and charming scenario earlier this month. A large group of capybaras, both large and little, waited patiently at a busy three-lane road crossing.

But why were they there in the first place? You’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s a video of that moment:

The intelligent capybaras, it turns out, were calmly waiting for a traffic gap so the entire family could safely cross — apparently, they had figured out the laws of road safety.

You did an excellent job!