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Frank Cuesta Offers A Scared Rescued Monkey A Soft Toy To Calm Him Down

A newborn monkey rescued from an animal trafficker has shocked the globe with his emotional reaction to the single item in his life that provides him with stability and affection: a plush pig.

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

It’s about the time when Frank Cuesta, or better known as Frank de la Jungla, a well-known and controversial Spanish activist and youtuber based in Thailand, showed what occurred after he rescued a newborn gibbon.

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The incident occurred in Thailand, when Frank put his life on the line following a car he suspected was carrying animals for sale on the underground market.

It took a lot of courage for him to go through what he did. He opened the car door, unsure of what he might see. He froze when he saw this poor infant gibbon in a cage, terrified.

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

From that point forward, the activist committed his life to repairing his heart and teaching him how to protect himself. She reassured her with the plush pig, never thinking that the attachment she would form with her would be so profound.

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

Fortunately, Frank has the necessary room, knowledge, and resources to handle such scenarios.

This is what you call a tree, child. This is a picture of leaves. You, buddy, are what you eat. See how they are branches? He informs the young monkey, “And this creature that goes around there is ants.”

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

He chooses to try to take away his toy since he realizes that he is too connected to it, similar to moms who, despite their children’s cries, know what is best for them.

“You have to learn to hold on to the tree, sorry,” he adds as the poor monkey cries.

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

“This should have been taught by your mother,” she says to the youngster, “but since she isn’t here, someone has to teach it to you.” «Nothing occurs; everything is in order.» “Come on, try to move up a little bit, I know it’s hard, I know,” the activist continues, moving the millions of people who have watched the video.

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

Frank admits that he is still a baby and that this is the first time he has been alone in nature. And such an intense reaction is understandable after so much pain from being separated from his mother.

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

Then she learns how distressed he is when she attempts to pick him up again.

«He has no faith in the man who feeds him, and he doesn’t want to stay on the tree. He was most likely born in captivity.

So, at some point, he chooses to rely on his indestructible ally: his toy. “You’ll see his response when he sees” the house. Frank points to the teddy animal and adds, “This is his abode.”

Credit: Frank de la Jungla

In this video you can see the full story, from his rescue to his rehabilitation: