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Abandoned Little Pig That Was Sick Loves Falling Asleep In Mom’s Arms

“Why is this pig here”?

A tiny pig was found all alone in a pet carrier in a garage. She was so sick and slim and wouldn’t survived but fortunately a woman saw the lovely piglet.

“She was scared. She was so small, and I could pick her up with just, like, nothing. You could barely feel her in your hand. It just came naturally to want to help this little thing”, woman told The Dodo.

Pig feels relaxed when she is in her mom’s arms. Maybe, she feels safe and at home.

She follows her owner everywhere, especially when she is going outside for a stroll.

Owner says that she looks like a puppy sometimes. Also pig loves playing with a ball.

Now she is getting bigger day by day.

“We are inseparable. I love her, she is my best friend”, owner said.

She saved pig’s life and they are so happy.