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Mama Cat Named Pizza Protects Her Babies Every Time And Now She Has Found Trust And Love

Meet this adorable protective mama cat. She is so scared of people that are trying to see and touch her babies.

She always grabbed her babies and hissed every time a person came near her.

Mama cat is so protective to her little babies.

Pizza’s foster mom has told The Dodo: I was stressed. I was like “I don’t think there’s any way that she would ever be happy in a home”.

The plan actually for mama Pizza was very simple- to go to her colony. But woman decided to give her a chance after hissing every time a person.

“I finally decided that I want to give her a chance rather than just put her outside. Her kittens were a little older and I decided to put them together with the other fosters who were around the same age”.

Now mama Pizza is feeling okay and loves purring a lot.

She has changed a lot after meeting a cat named George. They love each other so much and that’s cute.