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Raccoon That Had A Tough Life Got Finally Rescued After 4 Years And Now Has A Loving Life

Harbor had a rough time for most of his life. Kept as a pet by a hoarder, Harbor was locked in a 2’x2′ cage for four years! When authorities found him on a boat, he was covered in filth and he walked on his wrists instead of his feet because of malnutrition and being hunched over in his small cage. His owner admitted to authorities that he had not opened Harbor’s cage or cleaned it in at least two years!

The poor little raccoon was rescued by Animal Advocates. On his first day in his new, spacious, outdoor enclosure, he explored his compound with the curiosity of a youngster. He ate an apple…yummy! Splashed his hands in a water bowl…so much fun! And got some hugs…loved it!

Within a short time, Harbor was bouncing around and playing with all the wonderful new things in his environment like water and tree branches.