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As She Learnt To Feed Her Lovely Service Dog, She Has Become Her Best Friend’s Most Important Helper

Some animals are unquestionably meant to play a significant role in the evolution of our lives, since they have a proclivity for developing talents that are extremely beneficial, particularly to those in need.

Bracha Fischel is an accomplished Israeli painter who is afflicted with tetraplegia, an illness that causes complete or partial paralysis of the arms and legs. She has limited hand use and is confined to a wheelchair, but it hasn’t prevented her from creating wonderful paintings.

Bracha has continued to paint gorgeous portraits, but it’s worth noting that she has a charming helper who assists her behind the scenes.


Bracha was assigned a service dog named Donna because of her specific requirements, and the two have been great friends since they met. The two girls’ relationship has been incredibly unique, and despite the fact that they have only been together for approximately a year, they appear to have known each other for a long time.


Donna entered Bracha’s life to make her life simpler by assisting her with daily duties such as opening doors and picking up stuff. She has always done an excellent job, to the point that she was named Bracha’s finest assistant during the creative process.

Donna cheerfully provides her the brushes or tools she needs to complete an art project every time she begins one.


According to Bracha, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Donna sends brushes, pencils, markers, and everything else I need to paint to my lips.”

Bracha’s artistic team surely includes the clever dog, which has become an integral component of painting.

Donna’s work is encouraging, but it pales in comparison to the most crucial way she assists her mother. She somehow deduced that her companion needed to be fed, and she automatically learnt to feed her in an unusual manner.


Donna feeds her closest companion by holding a modified spoon in her muzzle and feeding her carefully.

Bracha had this to say:

“She appears to be the first dog to learn how to accomplish this.”

Donna has been one of the characters of the emotional moment since then, and she is an example of real love. Donna is there to adore Bracha, since their friendship has demonstrated that it extends beyond a basic union out of need.

Donna looks to be delighted to serve her, knowing that she is making life simpler for her closest friend.


Bracha explained:

“We have a great team.” Without her, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it.

Bracha now realizes that when she finishes a painting, it is not only her effort, but also the product of her friend’s work.