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After Years Of Not Seeing One Other, Her Old Bear Buddy Pays Her A Visit And Falls Asleep In The Children’s Pool

Nothing is more energizing than observing wild animals in their natural environment, enjoying the freedom and contentment that comes with knowing they have nothing to fear because their biggest “predator,” the human, is still far away.

However, on occasion, we have intruded so far into their domain that it is not uncommon for families in some places to be surprised by unannounced visits that take their breath away.

A black bear wandered into Regina Keller’s property as she was watering her flowers. The plantigrade was compelled to frantically seek a source of cooling owing to the scorching summer heat.

And, as if it were the polar opposite of the classic fable “Goldilocks and the three bears,” the colossal beast couldn’t think of a better spot to rest than the little children’s pool.

Regina is used to having a great variety of animals, such as deer, foxes, squirrels, and, of course, bears, because the sequences were shot at her home near the George Washington National Forest in Fort Valley. Come to a halt in your garden.

But the most amusing aspect of this tale is that the woman and the bear were previously acquainted, according to Regina, who shared it on her social media. She recognized him as soon as she saw him; she hadn’t seen him in two years and was overjoyed, especially because this bear was the “largest she had ever seen in her life.”

“It’s clear that we need a bigger pool!” Regina wrote something that made a lot of people giggle.

He said, “He roamed around the backyard and walked up to the pool and dipped his large paw in the water… and then he climbed on and laid down.”

The shocked woman then moved a chair near the door to watch and analyze the unmissable spectacle unfolding in front of her.

Then another paw

He even seemed to smile at the camera

Until he was sound asleep

“It was nice to see it and have my camera with me to capture it,” Keller said.

Regina did not hesitate to share the invaluable video with her friends, going viral in moments