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Ginnie Was Considered To Be The Saddest Dog But Now She Is Adopted And Has A Loving Home

Meet this dog named Ginnie that was considered the saddest dog because of a picture shared on the Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue Facebook page.

Lauren Smith Greeno, from the USA, saw Ginnie’s picture and decided to give her a loving home. Also, she has told Bored Panda that Ginnie adores kisses and belly rubs.

“We first saw Ginnie on the Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue Facebook page. It was a post asking for a new foster/potential adopter. I emailed them that night and then called in the morning to tell the rescue that I was willing to foster to potentially adopt. I called on a Monday and she was in our home that Sunday. I am immensely grateful that I came across her picture. It warms my heart to see her smile and wag her tail; and I am happy to give her all the snuggles, kisses, and belly rubs. All she wanted was a family to love her and I am happy we could be that family for her. She fits right in.”

Lauren added the fact that dog loves sleeping at her bed every night. Also, Ginnie is so energetic, funny, smart and healthy.

Also, Ginnie loves hugging other people.

“Ginnie is a gentle and affectionate girl. Her favorite thing to do would be cuddling. She is a major cuddler. If I am in a chair, she always wants to sit in my lap and be held and if I am in bed, she wants to sleep in my arms. Whenever my eyes meet hers, she always wags her tail and leans in for a hug and a kiss. She’s just a big love bug”, Lauren told Bored Panda.

Lucky Gennie! She is happy to have a loving family now.