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Scared Rabbit Clings To His Favorite Teddy Bear After Being Left In A Box

Someone was concerned when they discovered a box on the side of a road in London last week and believed they saw something moving about within it. When the Good Samaritan proceeded to investigate more, he was astounded to see a rabbit bouncing about within the box, clutching a teddy bear.

The Good Samaritan was astounded that someone could dump such a nice rabbit in the cold, so he took him home and phoned the RSPCA for assistance. Lisa Miller, an RSPCA animal collection worker, arrived at the residence as soon as she received the call to retrieve the sad rabbit, who was eventually named Nigel.


In a news release, Miller stated, “He looked so beautiful bouncing around with his tiny teddy bear.” “He was definitely linked to the bear before this, therefore he must have been living in a household.”

Nigel was soon examined by a veterinarian, but the rabbit appeared to be in good health, with no injuries or underlying illnesses. No one knows how long he was outside, but given the weather and the fact that he was entirely exposed, everyone was relieved that he was unharmed.

Miller stated, “No pet should be left out in the cold and unprotected like this.” “Nigel was extremely fortunate to be discovered at the time he was.”


Nigel was taken in by an animal boarding facility in Kent, where he is still getting used to his new surroundings. When he was initially rescued, he was obviously afraid and bewildered, but happily, his teddy bear has helped him stay calm and adjust to his new temporary home.

Nigel’s teddy bear serves as a comfort blanket for him…


…and he feels a little more at peace whenever he’s around it.