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Pit Bull Waits Patiently In Line To Purchase Ice Cream That He Really Loves

When you were a kid, you’d undoubtedly run as soon as you heard the ice cream truck’s music approaching, and this sweet-toothed pit bull does the same thing.

She was ecstatic when an ice cream truck arrived near her home.

She dashed over to the truck, where she took her position in line and sat and waited till her mother arrived with some cash.


When it was their turn, the puppy sat directly beneath the glass, watching her mother hand over the cash…


…and saw what she’d been hoping to see.


When the pit bull’s mother offered her the ice cream, she ate it all in a matter of minutes…


… and began on the hunt for more almost immediately.

You can’t blame a girl for giving it her all!

Below is the complete video of this intelligent pit dog waiting for ice cream: