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This Wonderful Dog Goes Missing For A Few Hours, Comes Home, And Rings The Doorbell At Daybreak, Much To His Family’s Surprise

Mary Lynn Whitacre and her husband were surprised a few days ago when their beloved pet, a Labrador mix, wandered away from home in the middle of anxious fireworks in the neighborhood. Rajah, like any canine, was terrified by the incessant sound of explosions and abandoned his house in the midst of the chaos.

The family, who had recently moved into their new house in South Carolina, was enjoying the day when their neighbor let off fireworks, scaring Rajah, who jumped the fence and wandered away from home towards the hills in front of her younger sister, a two-month-old dog.

Following what occurred, Mary posted on her Facebook account in an attempt to locate her beloved missing pet, writing:


Mary drove throughout her neighborhood seeking for any trace of her pet, but she couldn’t find it. Ryan, the woman’s husband, decided to go for a stroll in the hopes of finding his pet canine, but he also did not see him.


They attempted to notify nearby shelters late at night in case Rajah was spotted walking the streets alone. The bereaved couple returned home, hoping that her dog would find her way back home.

Mary stated to People:

“When my husband got home, I was driving around looking for her.” We were about to phone all of the shelters when she arrived and rang the bell.”

Around 3 a.m., the brave puppy was at the front door of her house, ringing the doorbell with her nose and peering through the camera that her parents had set there.

Rajah’s adoptive mother continued:

“I’m not sure how he knew how to accomplish it.” I’ve never demonstrated it to him. She just goes out to the front yard to get her car, so she’s never seen us use the doorbell. Ryan was waiting for her to show up. He noticed her on the porch and dashed out to find her ».


Following the terrifying encounter, the dog’s mother posted a video of her furry buddy coming home on the Reddit social network, which instantly went viral.

Apparently, Rajah had some fun while she was away from home; she was covered in thorns and filthy, so her mother believed she had a good time.