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They Capture Footage Of A Hungry Stray Dog “Stealing” Food, And The Store Owner Reacts

A starving stray dog would go to any length to satisfy his hunger…

Some dogs are more gluttonous than others, which may be dangerous to their health if they take food from the table, the rubbish, or even the street.

Not just because it may lead to their obesity, but also because they may consume something hazardous, dangerous, or poisoned to them.

CREDIT: Mariel Galarza

A puppy is seen starring in an adorable assault in a video that is spreading on social media and was shot in La Verde, Chaco, Argentina.

The manager, on the other hand, appears to be extremely straightforward with the canine and lets him to steal everything he wants. She had, in fact, left the dog food in her reach.

CREDIT: Mariel Galarza

“In truth, he cares for the furry’s food health, and he does not allow himself to be stolen on purpose,” writes Mariel Galarza, the video’s uploader.

CREDIT: Mariel Galarza

In the photos posted by Mariel Galarza, it’s easy to see how this quadruped enters the grocery shop quietly, evidently intending to commit a crime and steal some valuables to enjoy later.

He began sniffing them as soon as he got at the location, hungry. At first, you might be skeptical. He was on the lookout for any possible traps because the blow felt too effortless. He ran with the stolen stuff in his snout after he got the award from him.

CREDIT: Mariel Galarza

His strategy was so effective that he became a social media sensation, as fans were astounded by the agility, smart judgment, and discretion of this one-of-a-kind and adorable tiny animal. While watching the video, we find ourselves wishing for someone this lovely to take from us as well.

“Without a doubt, if someone has to endure a robbery, let it be a lovely dog like the protagonist of this film, the robber,” an Internet user said.

CREDIT: Mariel Galarza

Mariel Galarza, who was in charge of the store and approved it, was likewise effusive in her appreciation. Many people admire her excellent action with the dog bandit, since instead of assaulting or tossing him out, she seemed to understand the animal’s need and prepared everything for when he appeared spectacularly.

The fact is that a dog can steal food if its carers choose not to feed it on a regular schedule owing to indolence or negligence. As a result, if he finds anything he can chew within his reach, he is more tempted to steal it due to the uncertainty of not knowing when he will feed.