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Boy Goes To The Port Every Day To Meet His Friend Manta Ray

Manta rays are incredibly cute aquatic creatures that can leave anyone’s mouth open. They are not generally aggressive, and unlike other closely related species, they do not have a venomous stinger on their tail.

Manta rays eat squid and tiny fish. Many people have been fascinated by a film shot in the Canary Islands, Spain.

You can plainly see how a manta ray responds to a child’s call in the video footage, and the most remarkable part is that it does it every day.

They appear to have formed a lovely friendship. Typically, a large number of marine creatures will reach the same harbor.

It is the location where fish that are not suitable for commerce are abandoned and returned to the sea.

For many marine animals, this signifies a large supply of food, so they approach the port with caution in order to have a substantial meal.

The youngster is the son of a fisherman, and he has accompanied his father to work since he was a small child.

This has helped him appreciate nature’s marvels and get along well with animals. The small child enjoys catching fish to feed to his large stingray meal.

He signaled her by blowing short whistles and moving the water to show where he was. The manta ray answered to the call after a few moments and prepared to devour the tasty delicacy.

The youngster seemed to be so accustomed to the stingray that he even petted it.

Some Internet users have expressed concern about the child’s safety as a result of the video. He runs into his father there, and it appears that they both know all there is to know about the animal.

« They are wild creatures, not tamed pets. They cannot treat him as if he were a dog. “They’re putting themselves in danger,” one user said.

Others have seen the photographs as a beautiful illustration of how friendship may exist between people of different species.

What is clear is that the world would be a better place if we all treated animals with a bit more love and respect.

« This is an excellent example. “We have to look after our creatures and our earth,” a social media user stated.

If you come into touch with an animal like a manta ray, the best thing to do is leave it alone or contact an expert.

This little youngster is under the watchful eye of his parents, who are fisherman and have extensive knowledge of the local wildlife.

However, on few occasions, humans have inadvertently wounded or injured animals while attempting to snap a picture with them or feeding them without realizing it.

As a result, it is preferable to let the animals to live in peace.

You can see the adorable video of the boy with his stingray friend below: