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Three-Legged Cat That Was Missing A Part Of His Tail Never Gave Up And Now Has A Loving Home

Meet this lovely cat named Bubby. He is a three-legged cat but this big boy never gave up.

Also, he was missing a part of his tail.

Bubby was a stray cat and he was rescued by Boyd Abbott. This man was so kind and decided to take care of cat.

At first cat was so sick and dehydrated. He needed help.

“Bubby was dehydrated, beat up and all. He was sent to the vet and would not have survived another storm. The vet said he starting purring while on the exam table,” Sarah MacLeod, volunteer of Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables, shared with Love Meow.

Also, Sarah decided to take care of him and to foster Bubby. She took him at her home.

“I knew I wanted to keep Bubby forever before I took him home. We weren’t in the market for a cat, so my boyfriend needed convincing,” Sarah told Love Meow.

Now Bubby knows that is at home finally.

“Bubby with his sad human eyes was loved once before and he is now again. He purrs the minute he wakes up in the morning and as he goes to sleep every night. He’s never asked to go outside once. He must know that he’s home now, for good,” the woman added.

Such a great news for Bubby. Cat is finally happy.