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Holly The French Bulldog Gives Birth To Her 5 Healthy And Beautiful Babies

Meet Ms Holly, a lovely bulldog that was pregnant in 2016. Her owners took some maternity photos of her while in Papago Park.

Holly gave birth to her 5 healthy and beautiful puppies.

“On February 5th, Holly surprised us by going into labor and gave birth to 5 healthy babies. After doing the maternity photo shoot, it was only natural to do a newborn shoot! At 10 days old Jennifer of Franciose Photo came out to take newborn photos and the puppies actually cooperated! None of the photos are photoshopped, it is all sleeping Frenchies. All of our babies are no in their new homes, spoiled more than you can imagine. I hope you enjoy these adorable photos as much as I enjoyed the time I had with these perfect babies”, owner Ashley West wrote to Bored Panda.

Just look at these amazing pictures. You might be speechless right now.