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Woman Saves Platypus’ Life After Noticing Him In Road During Flood

A woman named Penelope faced something unexpected one day after heavy raining in Australia.

“It had been a devastating morning,” Penelope told The Dodo. “I needed to get out of the house.”

She was surveying all the damages and saw something.

She noticed a strange thing on the path ahead and walked down to learn more.

“As I walked down the muddy edge of the flood waters, a little black lump washed up,” she said.

Actually, she thought that was a baby duck at first. But Penelope was wrong.

“I realized it was a young platypus — so small, so lifeless,” she said.

She decided to help immediately.

“When the platypus spluttered and started breathing, I was overwhelmed with joy, unable to control my happy tears,” Penelope said. “I just sat in the mud beside the precious little guy and wept. I just talked to him — told him he was going to be OK and felt an overwhelming sense of love.”

Fortunately, young platypus was okay. Penelope put animal back to the waterline after saving his life.

Such a great gesture by this amazing woman!