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Girl Sings Her Little Rescued Puppy To Sleep And It’s So Adorable

This tiny youngster named Oakley was just another dog abandoned and alone in the world a little over a month ago, desperate to find a permanent home. But it’s amazing how rapidly things may improve when individuals choose to adopt rather than buy. This adorable little girl sings to her rescued pet, and it’s the most wonderful thing you’ll see today.

Lauren Malone and her family welcomed Oakley into their hearts and homes last week after adopting him via American Lab Rescue (ALR), an organization that rescues dogs from overcrowded shelters and gives them a second chance.

Her job entails making these connections between adopters and the creatures that need them the most.

On Instagram, the group wrote:

“Although Oakley will be missed, we are confident that he will enjoy an incredible life. We’re confident Oakley will have enough of playing, hugs and kisses, and naps.”

And they couldn’t be more correct.

Lauren posted this wonderful video of her daughter snuggling Oakley and singing it to sleep just after getting him home.

Oakley had finally found his niche. A everlasting home, next to a loving girl who would always protect him.