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Puppies That Fell Into A Giant Sinkhole In Mexico Have Been Rescued

After repeated tries, many personnel of the Civil Protection of the state of Puebla, Mexico, were able to rescue the two pups who had fallen into a big sinkhole in the town of Juan C. Bonilla yesterday.

Due to the inclement weather, the canines Spike and Spay had fallen into the sinkhole since Monday but had not been retrieved.

The governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, indicated at the time that the rescue would be extremely dangerous, therefore they needed to wait for the perfect opportunity. He also stated that the canines would be unable to save the hole, which is over 125 meters in circumference and 50 feet deep, due to a number of impediments.

The president stated on Twitter that the rescue mission will continue once the weather conditions improved, in order to safeguard the rescuers’ integrity.

However, since the news broke, Colmillo Blanco AC, an Oaxacan nonprofit, has urged authorities to speed up the rescue.

Several rescuers and members of the brigade were eager to sacrifice their lives to save the pups, but they were unable to secure the required licenses. The lives of the dogs was the most essential thing, according to Carlos Alberto Morales, head of the animal protection group, and they should not be forgotten.

The dogs were in risk since they were out in the open, vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, hunger, and possibly malnutrition, all of which may cause them to become despondent. As a result, numerous Internet users who heard the news decided to start a Change.org petition.

They also initiated a social media campaign using photographs of the dogs to put pressure on the local authority to rescue the animals as soon as possible.

On Twitter, the Puebla government posted:

“Spay and Spike were successfully retrieved following their fall in the Santa Mara Zacatepec sinkhole, due to the responsible action of the State Civil Protection and Firefighters.”

The governor gave the order to begin the rescue effort on Thursday afternoon, but the first attempt failed owing to heavy rains.

The rescue crew, on the other hand, had a well-established strategy in place and was waiting for the weather to allow them to execute it. The rescuers wanted to bring the puppies out of the big hole safely using ropes, a ladder, cages, and other specialist equipment.

The government posted the following on Facebook:

“Spay and Spike are safe; their rescue was not simple, but we properly examined the possibilities in collaboration with @PC Estatal, @IBAGobPue, and the Fire Department State Police to ensure a safe rescue without endangering the victims’ lives. people”.

The dogs were checked by the Secretary of the Environment and Animal Welfare’s team after they were rescued to ascertain their health state. Fortunately, none of the animals had any serious health issues, so they were soon freed and returned to their owners.

“I am very grateful to the people who supported us from the moment they learned that Spay and his friend (Spike) had fallen (into the sinkhole).”