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Determined Dog Learns To Walk Upright Like A Human After Losing His Leg

Dexter, a little dog, was adopted in June 2015, and his family was overjoyed to have found the ideal companion for their household. Dexter was a cheerful and lively puppy who immediately captured the hearts of his family members who couldn’t picture life without him.

Despite his determination to live his best life, he almost loses everything in an accident nine months after returning home. Dexter decided to run away from home one day, and his family and neighbors set out to find him. However, the puppy was too fast, and they were unable to catch him.

Tim, Dexter’s father, spotted him at a nearby park, but when he tried to approach him, Dexter bolted and dashed across the road.


A truck was approaching at the time, making it hard for the driver of the vehicle to dodge the speeding dog. Tim’s only option was to provide first aid to Dexter, who was stuck beneath one of the front wheels.


Tim called his wife, Kentee Pasek, to inform her what had happened and that Dexter had wounded his front legs a little.

According to Kentee, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When I arrived on the scene, everything was even worse than I had anticipated.”


Dexter and his parents had to make a 45-minute journey to obtain veterinarian treatment since they live in the highlands. Tim and Kentee weren’t sure if Dexter would make it through the lengthy voyage alive, but his drive to live triumphed and he did.


The veterinarian rushed to his aid, and because to his expertise, he was able to perform the required operations to restore Dexter’s health.

Kentee had this to say:

“Dexter’s life was rescued by Dr. Franklin of the San Juan Veterinary Clinic. Dexter’s will to survive is credited by the doctor.”

Despite the fact that Dexter had survived the horrific tragedy, his recovery would be lengthy and he would require a great deal of devotion to fully heal.


Unfortunately, Dexter lost one of his front legs and his other front leg was immobile as a result of multiple elbow injuries. The dog had to spend over a year in a cone and had to relearn how to walk.

Despite the difficulties, Dexter remained the cheerful dog his family had always known, and he was ready to battle.


When I returned to the home for coffee, he was sitting on the front porch. She was taken aback and unhappy since he… had recently undergone another operation.

The woman had no idea how she got up the stairs, but she was eager to figure it out, so she decided to film herself doing it.

Kantee carried Dexter down the stairs and into the patio, where she began recording with her phone as the dog began to walk erect in front of her.

Kentee continued, ”

“I was stunned and terrified that he’d be wounded again.” I recall feeling both amazement and admiration for this tenacious canine.”

He gradually refined his walking technique, and today he just walks upright like the rest of us.