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Dog Who Lost Her Teeth From Eating Rocks Finds Happiness

Tusk (Fang) is a lovely dog that was found abandoned in Los Angeles, California (United States). Because she had no other method of obtaining food, the dog ate pebbles and lost her teeth, save for a solitary fang, which inspired her name.

Tusk was saved by volunteers from Much Love Animal Rescue, who provided her all the medical attention she needs right away. She went through a uterine procedure and came out triumphant.

Tusk eventually found a home where he could give and receive affection after his recuperation, due to an adoption event where he met Amanda Forth, who has been his new mother for the past two and a half years.

According to Amanda, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I wasn’t planning to buy a dog, but when I stopped to look at the dogs outside the weekly pop-up rescue on my way to the farmers market in Santa Monica, it was love at first sight. I couldn’t let her leave because she was so lovely.”

Tusk is about 11 years old, and despite the fact that she is without teeth and her tongue is constantly protruding, she is wonderful, kind, and incredibly lovely.

Tusk loves everyone and is always happy, despite the tough circumstances he has found himself in. He does not allow his past get in the way of his current existence.

Amanda explains:

“She’s lovely, laid-back, and enjoys cuddling, but she’s also fiercely independent.”