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Woman Outsmarts Dog Who’s Constantly Trying To Squeeze Through The Fence

The small Chihuahua Lu-Seal could barely walk when Julia Morley first spotted him at a rescue in Pittsburgh. Lu-Seal weighed 16 pounds, which is double the recommended weight for a dog her size.

However, as soon as Morley arrived at her new home, the now-9-year-old dog began to shrink. Morley told The Dodo, “I put her on a nutritious diet and walked her as much as she could take, and the pounds dropped off.” “She’s now at a healthy weight and is doing fantastic.”

Lu-Seal has maintained a healthy weight for the past three years and is more active than he has ever been.

Her weight reduction was most noticeable when her mother had a new fence put up around her yard.


“It never occurred to me when I was choosing the fence that she would squeeze through the bars, but it became evident as soon as it was built that it would be an issue,” Morley said.

Lu-Seal is always on the lookout for her next-door neighbor, Eddie, who is known for handing out the greatest delicacies. When it came to Lu-Seal breaking out of her yard to track him down, the new fence presented a little obstacle.


Morley needed to move quickly since Lu-Seal was determined to squeeze under the barrier whenever she went outdoors. Morley shared her dilemma on Lu-Instagram, Seal’s and one of the dog’s fans offered a humorous solution: putting a “safety spoon” on the dog’s back.

The spoon concept appeared to be just insane enough to work, and the consequences were amusing.