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Couple Has The Best Reaction After Stray Dog Crashes Their Wedding

It was Matheus and Marlia’s special day, but it turned out to be as significant for a lonely stray dog that had no friends.


Last month, Marlia and Matheus, who reside in So Paulo, Brazil, had hoped for an outdoor wedding, but the weather had other ideas. The couple opted to move the ceremony beneath a tent since a storm was approaching, bringing heavy rains with it. Marlia and Matheus, as well as their many visitors, weren’t the only ones praying for a dry day.

While those in attendance took their seats, a stray dog wandered in, looking for shelter and attention. People tried to eject the muddy-pawed pooch because it was a closed event, but he didn’t stay out for long.

“When the wedding chorus began to play, it was the dog that came in, to to everyone’s amazement,” Marlia told The Dodo.


Guests persuaded the dog outside, and with order restored, the wedding continued with the genuine bride in place. The furry wedding crasher reappeared as the pair read their vows.

“The dog came in and snoozed on my veil,” Marlia explained.


No one, not even Marlia, had the courage to send the dog back out into the storm this time. She was delighted to share the spotlight, as well as a portion of her gown, with the adorable canine.

“It was a very happy surprise for me,” she remarked, “since I like animals.” “I really enjoyed it.”

The dog was permitted to stay for the remainder of the evening, and the newlyweds’ friends and family followed suit by giving him a warm welcome. As their wedding day came to a close, Marlia and her now-husband searched for their surprise wedding guest. However, as the rain stopped, the dog seemed to vanish into the night, as strangely as he’d arrived.


That night, Marlia and Matheus agreed to adopt the dog as a pet if they could only find him. He lingered in the couple’s minds for more than a week.

“We chose him since he is a street dog,” Marlia explained. “It took a long time for us to locate him again, but we were called yesterday and informed of his whereabouts.”

The pair soon rediscovered the dog, whom they’ve called Snoop: “He came home, and I bathed him,” Marlia explained. “He played a lot, ate a lot, and drank a lot of water. He’s overjoyed and had a wonderful first night’s sleep.”