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They Record A Baby Panda Clinging To The Leg Of Its Caregiver So That It Does Not Leave It Alone

The panda bear is a critically endangered species that is possibly the most well-known emblem of environmental protection in the world. People adore them, yet there are at least 1,600 of them roaming the mountainous jungles of Central Asia, and more than 300 in captivity across the world.

He was born after his parents were lent to the Everland Zoo in Seoul by China as though they were commodities.

During the pandemic’s imprisonment, little little has been able to advance. Due to his lack of interaction with other bears, he and his caregiver have formed a tight bond.

Few animals, if any, are capable of displaying the affection that Fu Bao has for the human who is responsible for his well-being. Despite the fact that he has been imprisoned from birth, his impulse to want to be with him has nothing on ours.

“Fu Bao feels very lonely in his captivity, which is why he clings to his bedside table so much,” one user said after hearing the news and witnessing it on social media.

When a zoo staffer undertakes a regular weighing, the gentle Chinese plantigrade appears to be in desperate need of protection and care. As he approaches, the animal clings tenaciously to one of the man’s legs, pleading with him not to leave him and to stay by his side.

As a gesture of solidarity to enhance international cooperation relations for the protection of this species, China gave the parents of Fu Bao, who are just 6 months old, to Korea.

The zoo reopened with limited capacity in early 2021, letting families to welcome the lovely and loving small animal.

Despite the fact that he has never known anything other than a reserve, Fu Bao grows up healthy, happy, and surrounded by his family. He’s really docile and a lot of fun. The selfless guy in charge of his life and care, on the other hand, has become more than simply his closest friend.

“Her keeper, in particular, has essentially taken on the role of father, ensuring that she grows up healthy and happy,” according to an Everland Zoo official.

Surprisingly, the bear was given the name Fu Bao, which means “treasure that offers delight,” following a shelter survey in which at least 50 thousand people took part.

This adorable fuzzy baby will now be able to walk and play inside the Everland Zoo as he grows up.

We oppose confining animals and taking them from their natural habitats; but, in this situation, despite the fact that Fu Bao’s life is destined for captivity, he has all of the care he requires to survive.