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At The Age Of 14, He Proudly Announces That He Has Won A World Record For Hunting A Moose

Christmas is the finest time of year to spend quality time with family, especially between parents and children. For many, though, this entails encasing a fire device and killing innocent creatures for the sake of entertainment.

Paslie Werth and her father enjoy spending time together, hunting animals, and celebrating their “accomplishments.” Being the 6th of September, they opted to go hunting together.

Paslie and her father Kurt’s hunt didn’t appear to be going well at first; they hadn’t even seen a deer, but that was about to change after a night out.

Paslie didn’t hesitate to take direct aim at the towering stag that materialized before them out of nowhere, which they subsequently discovered to be even larger than they had anticipated. Unfortunately, he learnt to undertake this awful habit of ending the lives of animals at an early age.

“We hadn’t seen a deer until on Sunday,” Paslie’s father explained, “and then when we walked out that night, I had no clue he’d be there and he’d stand 70 feet away.”

Paslie was initially awarded a grade of 42 points and 282 6/8 inches due to the need to wait 60 days after the deer’s death to allocate the “grades” to the hunters.

The young woman was overjoyed to have accomplished such a feat at such a young age, and, unlike an animal lover, she did not stop laughing as she studied the animal’s lifeless body before her.

The photograph has sparked uproar on social media, with hundreds of people condemning the minor’s and her father’s actions in undermining the integrity of an innocent person for the sake of amusement.

“It was difficult to comprehend why none of us thought it was so high when we got the score. It was incredible, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. We didn’t get enough trail camera footage to give it justice.

Paslie was ultimately given a 44-point grade and a score of 271 4/8 inches after the drying phase. The young woman set a global record by being the first woman to hunt the most unusual and biggest white-tailed deer ever seen.

It also won the record for the youngest white-tailed deer hunted in the state of Kansas and the sixth largest white-tailed deer that has had its life taken, regardless of the hunting method utilized.

Kurt shouted, “I’m really proud of her.”

But, because they define a horrific behavior for animals forced to live under continual fear stress as a “sport,” the delight of this family of hunters has not gone unnoticed.