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Search Dog Finds Senior Pup Who Was Trapped In Mud For 2 Days

A very pregnant German shepherd was discovered exploring the forests of Washington state alone two years ago. The abandoned puppy was taken in by Jim Branson, the founder of Useless Bay Sanctuary, a charity canine sanctuary. Tino, a puppy approximately “the size of a tortilla,” was born the next day.

The young puppy didn’t realize it at the time, but he’d return to the woods one day to save another lost canine in need.


Tino began joining other dogs to search and rescue training sessions as he grew older, and Branson soon saw he had a talent for it.

Branson told The Dodo, “He would come to training days for the other dogs, and we assessed him at approximately 5 months old.” “He passed his tests and began training.” During his training sessions, he always located the lost dog.”

Tino was adopted by Branson and became a full-fledged member of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue after 16 months of training.


So when Branson got the message that Puppy, a deaf 11-year-old Great Pyrenees, had gone missing, he knew exactly who to contact.

Puppy’s owner had gone for a horseback ride in the woods on Thursday afternoon, and Puppy, true to his youthful moniker, joyfully chose to come along. When Puppy’s owner noticed him trailing behind, she turned around and returned home, but the dog and his owner were separated on the way back.

Volunteers combed the woods for the missing dog but were unsuccessful. Puppy couldn’t even hear his rescuers shout his name since he was alone in the darkness.


Tino led Branson and Puppy’s owner to a mud pit after 45 minutes of climbing over logs and weaving through woods, and wouldn’t stop barking.

Branson wasn’t sure what they were looking at at first, but then something in the muck began to whine.


“It was difficult to make sense of what we were witnessing when we first spotted Puppy since two-thirds of him was immersed in muck,” Branson added. “Tino barked at this bizarre swamp creature for a while before realizing it was a dog,” says the author.


Branson cleared the muck with sticks so they could approach Puppy, and it quickly became evident that getting the 150-pound dog out of the slimy pond would be tough.

“I attempted to drag Puppy out by putting Tino’s leash under him,” Branson explained. “I didn’t want to pull much harder since I didn’t want to injure his legs.” More ropes and straps were supplied by the owner’s spouse, and the three of us gradually eased Puppy out.”


Puppy had trouble standing after being soaked in mud for almost a day and had to be transported home in an ATV trailer.

Puppy’s owners were happy to see him again and appreciative for Tino’s discriminating nose, despite the fact that he was considerably dirtier than when they last saw him.