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Someone Dumped This Tiny Puppy In A Shoebox Outside A Supermarket

Eddie Olivarez was on his way home from work at Albertsons in Arcadia, California, when he noticed a shoebox on the ground near the trash. He might have just thrown the shoebox away, but something compelled him to raise the lid and look inside.

When he did, he was greeted with the most incredible surprise. Inside was the smallest puppy.


It was a miracle the puppy survived – it was a scorching day with temperatures reaching from 97 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the dog had no food or drink inside the box.

Olivarez also suffered a head and eye injury, so he contacted Piper Wood, the founder of Hand in Paw, a California rescue organization, and requested for her assistance.


Wood told The Dodo, “He [the dog] had blood on top of his head, and his tiny eye was poking out.” “And the dog was in such bad shape.” I’m not sure when he last ate or drank anything… He was severely anemic and on the verge of passing out.”

The dog, a Shih Tzu mix, was also extremely young — too young to be on his own, according to Wood.

Wood said, “He doesn’t even have teeth yet.” “He’s just around 4 or 5 weeks old, so he needs to be with his mother.”


While no one knows who discarded the dog at the shop, Wood believes he was abandoned by a backyard breeder after he was wounded.

“I see a lot of stuff like this,” Wood remarked. “When individuals breed their dogs illegally, they don’t keep them in proper circumstances and are only interested in making money off of them.” And they frequently sell them to those who are under the age of 18.”


“I believe whomever had him didn’t know what to do when he was wounded, so they simply dropped him in the parking lot in a shoebox,” Wood continued. “There are so many different approaches you might take.” Taking him to an emergency veterinarian or surrendering him to a shelter are two options. Either option is preferable than simply abandoning him in a sweltering shoebox with no food or drink and severely injured.”

Because Wood couldn’t fetch the puppy that night, she requested Olivarez to look after him overnight and meet her at the vet facility the next morning.


The puppy’s damaged eye needed to be operated on right away since it was on the verge of rupturing and may create more health problems if not handled.

“I was extremely anxious about him going into surgery because I didn’t know whether he’d make it since he was so frail,” Wood explained, noting that Albert weighed only around a pound.