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Woman Suddenly Gets The Strangest Feeling That She Has To Go To Shelter

Dani McKissick was out running errands and enjoying her day off when she experienced an overpowering emotion.

McKissick told The Dodo, “All of a sudden something hit me like a blow in the belly.” “Today, I needed to assist an animal.”

She turned around and drove to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, since the emotion was so strong. McKissick already had two cats and a dog at home, so she had no plans to adopt, but she felt compelled to continue driving.


The shelter was 45 minutes away, and the lengthy, unknown trip was so demanding for McKissick, who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, that she almost turned back.

“I had no notion what I was going to do when I went there.” “I imagined I’d give or volunteer,” McKissick explained. “I even emailed my sister, telling her not to let me adopt an animal since I was heading to a shelter!”

When McKissick arrived, she began roaming through the rows of abandoned dogs and cats, confused of what she was doing.

Then a shelter employee approached her and informed her about Honey, a 9-year-old chow mix who was scheduled for euthanasia that night.


When McKissick walked over to Honey’s cage, everything fell into place. Honey’s lovely brown eyes and adorable, sorrowful face captured McKissick’s heart.

McKissick explained, “Something instinctively pulled me to her.” “Older or ailing animals have always held a special place in my heart.”


She promised to foster the older dog right away.

Honey had terrible allergies, a respiratory illness, and a variety of other health difficulties, but McKissick remained undeterred. It only took McKissick a day to determine that Honey needed to be a permanent member of the family.

“She captured my heart in those first 24 hours,” McKissick recalled, “and every day I adore her more.”


Honey has only been with McKissick’s team for a week, but she instantly fits right in.

“She’s a totally different dog now that we’ve taken her to the doctor a few times and gotten her the allergy shot, medicine, and the correct diet,” McKissick said. “All of my other animals adore her, and everyone acts as if she’s always been here!”

“She was plainly the missing component in this family,” McKissick continued.


Honey’s destiny would have been quite different if McKissick had not driven to the shelter that day.

Fortunately, McKissick heeded her instincts and saved a life.