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Dog Realizes Mailbox Is The Perfect Way To Greet The Neighborhood

A mailbox integrated into your porch might be quite useful. For Courtney Poole and her husband Evan, it means they’ll never have to worry about their mail going missing, and it’s the perfect peephole for their 1-year-old dog Rigby.

It also allows the rambunctious dog to welcome everyone that comes to his door.


Poole told The Dodo, “He’s really nice and kind.” “Every human and animal he meets, he wants to be best friends with.”

Since he was little enough to fit through the aperture, Rigby has cherished his personal mailbox. “Evan and I would pass him through the mailbox to each other,” Poole explained. “Let’s face it, seeing a dog sleeping in your mailbox is adorable.”


Rigby, who now weighs 70 pounds, can no longer fit inside the mailbox, but he’s just the ideal height to peer through the hatch when he wants to see what’s going on outside.

“On our block, a lot of people take their pets on walks, and he’s always been quite enthusiastic,” Poole said. “For as long as he could reach, he’s pushed his head out of it, wanting to see what’s out there.”

“A lot of people stop on the sidewalk and giggle when they see it,” she continued.

Rigby will occasionally place one of his toys in the mailbox, receiving a surprise delivery a few seconds later.

Rigby’s entrance at the mailbox might be quite unexpected, and greeting the mailman isn’t always easy. “Rigby usually only comes out on the porch when we do, which is a couple times a day,” Poole explained, “so he’s only surprised the mailman once.” “The mailman was naturally hesitant, and Evan had to move him and back up in order for our letter to be delivered.” For a little while, it was rather stressful.”