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Students Make Dog Houses In Construction Class And Donate Them To Shelters

Pupils from Marble Falls High School in Texas make dog homes and donate them to shelters. This wonderful project began when instructor Leonard Venghaus demonstrated how to create scale houses to his students.

When one of the pupils suggested making dog homes, the instructor was blown away and quickly agreed with his student.

They started building these customised booths right away.


After a few sections, the students had various colorful houses and chose to gift them to the ” Living Love Animal Rescue ” in Marble Falls. They also volunteered and shared their houses with the local dogs, cuddling and loving them.

The community is pleasantly pleased by these children’s initiative, which has turned what they learn in class into a significant humanitarian project.


Children from a California school helped in a similar fashion a few months earlier, offering dwellings to canines that had lost their homes due to a wildfire.