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Texas Family Spends 12 Hours In The Car So Their Dog Can Give Birth In The Heat

Magnolia (Maggi) is a sweet puppy that was found alone and pregnant on the streets of Fredericksburg, Texas (United States). Animal Control had her transported to the Hill Country SPCA, but she was found a wonderful foster home just before she was ready to give birth.

Maggie’s foster family noticed that she was an outstanding gentle kid when she came, and that her maternal instincts were reflected in her interaction with the family’s young girls.

Maggie’s foster mom was apprehensive about the pups’ coming since she had never worked with a pregnant dog before, but she did a lot of study to make sure she was prepared to help Maggie with her puppies.


Maggie’s mother, Aubrey Morgan, told The Dodo:

“I had amassed hundreds of dollars worth of birthing and emergency gear to keep on hand after reading so many websites and watching so many YouTube videos on labor. I’d heard somewhere that it’s critical for pups to keep warm after they’re born. They can’t digest the food if they’re not heated, and they’ll start to fade.”


Maggie’s due date was approaching, and her family, although eager to assist her, was also concerned. The arrival of the Cubs coincided with the recent huge winter storm that slammed Texas. Maggie had just suggested that the puppies will be here shortly.

When the puppies arrived, Aubrey thought that the electricity would be restored, but when the first pup arrived, there was still no power, and their house was damaged by the frigid weather.


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Aubrey and her family were concerned, and they did their hardest to provide Maggie with some comfort.

The woman recalls the following:

“The temperature in our home was 5 degrees and decreasing (it was 1 degree outside that night). We relocated her to our guest bathroom, where we took a hot shower and my husband was heating water to put in bags to keep the room warm.”


The cold did not let up after the pups were delivered, and despite their best efforts, this Texas family needed to do more to keep Maggie’s new family safe. They told her when they took her in that they would assist her with her babies in every way they could and that they would not let her down.

Aubrey continued:

“We recognized after the fourth pup was delivered that, despite our efforts, the puppies were still extremely chilly. My husband began preparing the car for Maggie and the puppies at that point. Maggie was in the car with her final three puppies. Around 2 a.m., we put them in the car and stayed there for almost 12 hours.”


The couple also attempted to locate a generator in order to re-heat a portion of their home. They eventually found one and returned home. However, the house became too cold for the couple’s children after a while, so they opted to leave until the electricity was restored.

Aubrey’s girls, three dogs, the new mom, and her seven puppies remained at her parents’ house for a few days since they had energy and a warm location to accommodate the family.