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Man Shares Behind The Scenes Of Running A Wildlife Park In Australia

The quarantine imposed in many regions of the world as a result of Covid-19 disrupted many people’s holiday plans and effectively compelled us to stay at home.

You can go to the grocery store, work, and visit other business facilities in some regions, but you must constantly take precautions.

This is how the world is right now, and we must adjust to the new reality; nonetheless, some people have been able to escape the usual quarantine owing to their efforts.


Chad Staples, the owner of an Australian wildlife park, is capturing what he sees on a daily basis at work. The man describes what it’s like to run a wildlife park and posts heartwarming images of himself on social media.


Chad is well-prepared for this work, as seen by the photographs, which not only highlight his tasks but also allow him to interact with the animals.

Chad has loved animals since he was a child, but he never anticipated that his passion would lead to a professional career.


He is eternally grateful to life for the opportunity to graduate from high school at the age of 24 and work directly with animals.

Chad had this to say to Bored Panda:

“I started as a part-time zookeeper, then full-time for five years, then curating species, and now I’ve been a zookeeper for over six years and another for a year.”


Running two wildlife parks is a lot of work, but Chad is so enthusiastic about what he does that he doesn’t consider his responsibilities to be work. The man is the manager of two parks in Sydney: Featherdale and Mogo Wildlife Park, which is around four hours south of Sydney.


Both parks have diverse animal species; one has the biggest collection of Australian animals, while the other solely comprises endangered species.