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Blind dog is saved from a laboratory just in time to be A Mom

Currently, many people and groups fight for the rights of animals across the world, yet, there are still areas that treat them as things. In many countries, animals are utilized by enterprises and labs, for research reasons or to test their goods.

For this reason, there exist charities and groups that are committed to rescuing and liberating dogs that are stuck in such businesses or other situations.

A prominent example is that of an animal rights organization that rescued many animals from a laboratory in the city of Cheng Du, China.


The group named Rescue + Freedom Project , situated in California, United States, rescued 17 dogs, among them was Maria, a 10-year-old Beagle, who had spent her whole existence in the laboratory and did not know what it was. Living Free.

She didn’t know what it was like to have a house , having lived in a steel cage all her life. She was ill, elderly and blind, allegedly the experiments done out at this institution left the canines blind and frightened.


The dog was not the only animal rescued from the horrible area that had visual difficulties and was in bad health.

Shannon Keith, president and creator of the Rescue + Freedom Project , told The Dodo That

“I can’t say for sure, but because of her physique I could tell that she was utilized as a breeder.”


It is also suspected that María was employed to research a sort of glaucoma, as she suffered from this ailment, yet everything suggested that it had been induced. Many of the other canines also had the condition, although some were more serious, requiring surgery.

Shannon said:

“Several of the dogs in that institution were blind, or had bad glaucoma and we had to remove their eyes because they were in so much suffering. That’s not a coincidence, it’s plainly something they did to them.”


Luckily, the scientists decided to let Maria go free, since she was extremely elderly, fragile and blind, she was no longer very helpful to them. In general, these sorts of firms frequently release the canines when they are quite worn, believing them of little value for their investigations.

That is how the local rescuers transported Maria and the other canines to a veterinarian facility, all of them mentally wounded by their ordeal.

Shannon said:

“Maria, like many lab survivors, wanders a lot and walks in circles. She’s devastatingly upset, but we know that in time she’ll be alright and she’ll get over it.”

In China, some people are not very fond of dogs as pets and if they have one, they do not want it to have been rescued from a laboratory. Because of this, there would be a challenge securing adoptive homes for the dogs, so rescuers approached the Rescue + Freedom Project for aid.