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A Puppy Breaks Down Crying Because His Owners Are Forced To Sell The Cow That Raised Him

Puppy’s emotional reactions to unpleasant events crush our hearts.

It is then that we can not fully grasp how people dare to assert that they do not have sentiments. If you still have doubts, the story of the tiny Rookie will not only dispel them, but will also leave you dumbfounded.

This little puppy lives on a remote farm in South Korea with his family. Despite the fact that dogs are not treated as they should be in that nation, and many of them are mistreated in farms to sell their flesh, this is not the situation with Rookie.

Despite having a loving home, the cute puppy’s life was not entirely happy. The tiny boy had to learn to live without maternal affection after losing his mother when he was born, but his owners made sure that this position was taken by a very unique being: the cow they kept in his farm.

This is how the cow not only became his companion and guardian, but also his true mother, who nurtured and cared for him. And Rookie grew to love her as such, to the point where he couldn’t imagine her existence without her giant buddy at her side: play with her, sleep with her, drink from the same source…

But, regrettably, what everyone feared happened one day. The owners of Rookie, with extremely few financial means, found it necessary to sell their cow in order to survive.

When her owners just hauled her away, Rookie thought it was the end of her. He couldn’t help himself!

Rookie stood helpless as his buddy and mother were led away, unable to do anything but wail and implore that they restore them to him, but all looked gone.

Rookie’s owners were devastated, but they had no other choice. They chose to sell it anyhow, believing that it would only be temporary and that the child would get accustomed to it. But, to his amazement, it was the exact reverse.

They noticed how Rookie’s sad little face never went away and she chose to quit eating.