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They Record A Baby Elephant Having The Tantrum Of The Century While Being Ignored By His Parents

The beauty and majesty of all wild creatures cannot be overstated. However, witnessing a beautiful infant in all of its glory is something that not everyone is fortunate enough to witness. Especially since his conduct is so close to that of a tiny child that it leaves us stunned, and with a constant smile on their face.

It’s only a matter of time before toddlers, just like newborns, reveal their genuine, fun selves. Something that catches their parents off guard and often disturbs them.

And it’s for this reason that, when they don’t receive what they want in their small environment, which is frequently unintelligible to them, they opt to throw tantrums in order to obtain their parents’ attention.

To deal with their outbursts, parents must have great patience and even incredible artistic ability.

They eventually get their children to realize why mom says NO when she says NO, despite the fact that it is not always an easy assignment. Something that, let’s face it, can be really draining at times.

A video that went viral on social media a few years ago has resurfaced to show us the striking parallels that exist between human and animal newborns, moving many people.

What happens to him is unknown, but in addition to all he does to express how upset he is, the scenes have gone viral owing to his parents’ utter disregard for him.

The small child looks indignantly as his mother passes by him, just when he hoped she would at least pay him some attention.

When the long-eared one is burdened by the weight of his ears and finds himself upside down, he resorts to his desperate resource of hurling himself to the ground; his mother ignores her whim.

The popular video shows the infant kicking for attention, but it appears like nothing is working. It’s quite heartwarming, just as with human newborns.

Watch the tantrums of this amusing infant who will go to any length to obtain what he wants. It’s no surprise that they’ve already been seen 24 million times throughout the world: