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A Worker Interrupts His Work To Approach A Horse In The Street While Being Recorded

Water and care were given to the horse by the topic. The photographs were taken by coincidence in the area of a street in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

The fact is that everything happened out of the blue; definitely the man is unaware that he is being videotaped. His move, in fact, continues to elicit reactions on social media.

The user @ivanisegasparim’s Instagram post received a lot of appreciation and acclaim from users all around the world. Hundreds of thousands of views, several raised fists, and supportive comments flooded Felipe Bandeira’s video in minutes.

“It made a difference dedicating that moment to the horse,” says one Internet user.

On the other hand, as is clear, our brave protagonist’s name remains a secret. The crucial point is that his good conduct and complete identification with a creature in distress, who is more vulnerable, was enough for him to be praised worldwide.

It’s also unclear how the small horse got to meet the worker. However, he placed the needs of the suffering animal ahead of his own and took the time required to guarantee that the animal was satisfied and calmed down.

That man had this great element that made the film so emotional, bringing him a bit of his own water in a blue container.

He calmly drank from a dish to the horse, asking nothing in return. The fact that he was able to satisfy the thirst of the thirsty beast was his greatest satisfaction.

More individuals like her are needed in the world, people who can feel the sorrow of animals and act to protect their rights and ensure their well-being.

“It’s unclear how or why the events transpired, but the beauty of it all is that a man abandoned his job for a minute when he saw an animal in need, and the horse received assistance.” What are your thoughts?

Because of the horse’s frailty and thirst, it’s probable that it was abandoned at a neighboring ranch, where it was maybe mistreated.

We hope we’re mistaken, or that the authorities intervene to assist the small animal if required. Hair does not deserve to live in such perilous and awful circumstances.