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He Miraculously Survives After Falling From The Truck That Was Taking Him To The Slaughterhouse And A Woman Stops

Social media is full with captivating animal stories, but in recent days one in particular has been able to win over a sizable user base. Everyone was captivated by the story of a small pig in Brazil and what happened to him when he was being transported on a truck.

The incident took place on May 23 at about 3:30 pm in So José, Greater Florianópolis, which is south of the BR-101 freeway. There is no absolute evidence, however it is assumed that the pigs were being taken to the slaughterhouse by the truck’s driver.

In front of the shocked looks of onlookers and passing cars on the busy street, a little pig dropped from the unit and into the sidewalk.

Rosa Elisa Villanueva, a biologist, saw what had happened, pulled over, and walked over to aid the man. She feared that he had suffered a catastrophic injury.

“I attempted to halt traffic for a number of minutes until automobiles and bikers stopped and inquired as to what was going on. People came to aid me when they realized what was going on and saw the tiny pig, and together we were able to stop BR-101. Rosa Elisa stated, “I raced right away and grabbed the small pig.

He was sent to So Paulo, where a pig-specific doctor named Izabelle Joanny de Oliveira examined him and discovered that his rear limb was fractured. Fortunately, no driver had stomped on him.

He was in the hospital for three weeks during which time he allowed others to adore him; he approached them fearlessly, they showed him a lot of attention, and they were even permitted to feed him under supervision.

He was lovingly referred to as Baby Pig. On Wednesday, June 16, they drove him for 11 hours from Santa Catarina to So Paulo to a farm in the Serra da Cantareira. They stopped seven times along the way to feed and hydrate the animal, making sure it was comfortable at all times.

“I’ve been moving pigs for a while, and I have a car just for it. He was exceptionally well-behaved; in fact, he was one of the few animals to take a nap while traveling. Typically, while transportation, this kind of animal does not lie down. The journey was rather quiet. The veterinarian stated, “I had to wake him up at the pauses so he could drink water and stretch his legs.

Although it is unknown when he will be fully recovered, the small child is optimistic since his ability for healing is considerably more than that of an adult pig. He is being looked for in a dedicated stable in the interim and will get daily veterinary treatment.