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Little Pig With No Hope Of Living Manages To Be Happy Since A Woman Adopted Him

Some pet owners decide to euthanize little animals when they are born with a health problem that significantly interferes with their regular existence in an effort to eliminate the suffering they are causing.

But along the journey, certain angels show up who, rather than accepting a prognosis, are ready to provide them a fresh start and stay by their side for whatever long is required.

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One of the animals, Floppy, was born with head shaking syndrome, which causes an uncontrollable tremor that frequently results in death within a few days in affected animals.

The doctors did not expect him to live very long because he was unable to walk, nurse, or do many other things on his own. The veterinarian advised euthanasia for the family since it was the worst case he had ever seen.

IG; floppythepig

The small pig’s fate, nevertheless, seemed to be altered by a woman. She was protected by Chelsey Weaning, a resident of West Virginia. She said she offered to take the pig to her house and provide it the care it needed when her sister-in-law and her husband were having trouble caring for it.

Chelsey had no experience with pigs, but she was prepared to learn and care for him all day long. She said this in regards to:

My husband and I were determined to let this tiny pig continue his life, even if it was for a few period of time, even though my sister-in-law detested the thought of euthanasia.

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The little piglet was bottle-fed in his new home every three hours. Chelsey’s main plan was to keep him for a few weeks and then transport him to a safe place after he had gained some independence. But as time went on, she warmed to Floppy and made the decision to keep him permanently.

IG; floppythepig

Chelsey had already adopted Floppy into the family without realizing it. He has developed into a really lovable, wise, and gregarious little pig that enjoys eating with others and having his stomach stroked. Chelsea also said

He is adept at climbing stairs and opening doors. He also enjoys munchies, belly massages, and swimming. Every day, we lead him on a leash for a stroll. It is extremely unique and unlike many other pigs.

IG; floppythepig

Floppy has been a fully domesticated pig for a year and a half since his birth.

She has forged strong bonds with Chelsy’s other pets, notably with the cute dog Kona who has taken on the role of adoptive mother since the little pig moved into the family.

IG; floppythepig

Even though Floppy is much bigger than the rest of his small companions now, he still plays and sleeps with them all. He enjoys going outside with them for the day.

The owners of this adorable young pig decided to create an Instagram and Facebook account for him so that others could follow his escapades in detail after learning about his story’s growing popularity on social media.

“We just gave him the chance to become the pig he was intended to be,” said Chelsy. “Floppy defied the odds and is living his best life.