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She Arrives At A Refuge Terrified, Sad And Without Trusting Anyone Until Another Cow Offers Her Comfort

In Williamsburg, Virginia, at the Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary, Ryan has devoted his life to making sure the farm’s animals are content. The employees at the shelter do absolutely excellent job.

They help animals that are given a chance to live feel like they are a part of the family.

Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary

The first cow at the sanctuary, Jenna, is adored by Ryan as if she were his own child. She was 3 years old when she was saved, and since Ryan had to bottle-feed her due to her small size.

Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary

“She would put her head down to sleep on me while I cuddled up next to her in the barn while we were both covered in blankets.

She haunted me and surrounded me; her life revolved around me and my mine around her. Ryan compared it to rearing a child that weighed 1,500 pounds.

As Jenna was getting along well with the family members, they decided it was time for her to meet some other cows and introduced Maisie, a young cow who was saved and brought to the sanctuary when she was just three months old.

Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary

Ryan said, “Maisie was still in the trailer when Jenna was already mooing.”

The precinct staff was the last thing Maisie wanted to interact with, but Jenna won her over right away.

She was 3 months old when we adopted her, and since Jenna was her elder sister, Mallory, who also works at the shelter, claimed that Jenna made her feel protected.

Maisie was taken under Jenna’s wing, and she started sharing and even teaching her how to beat up her human father while having fun.

For three entire months, they were constantly next to one other. They were inseparable, like soul mates.

Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary

“Jenna assisted Maisie in coming out of her shell. Jenna was there for Maisie constantly as she developed her social skills and began to travel.

She observed that Jenna delighted in our visits and scratches, which aided her, Mallory said.

Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary

Maisie gradually gained self-assurance, and after a month she started to form attachments to her human parents. They are now all part of a large, loving family.

Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary