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You Can Carry Your Pet’s Ashes With You For Life In Beautiful Glass Keepsakes

We are all aware of the importance of pets in family life. The intense affection we have for them and how they become an integral part of our life, spirit, and, of course, our bed, are only known to those who have one.

However, even if we refuse to acknowledge it, it is likely that they will pass away before us. Even the thought of that day makes our hearts hurt.

Because of this, many owners go to great lengths to preserve their memories. However, so far, the majority of people merely bury them in their own gardens or in specific pet cemeteries; they don’t do much else.

However, it was Cameron Davenport who founded a tiny business to preserve the memories of lost dogs in lovely glass monuments for all time after going through a difficult personal experience.

They make that tangible memento that will always be with the grieving owners with just a little amount of ashes.

The sculpture that depicts a pet’s paws is particularly well-liked, but they also use the ashes to create other exquisite forms in which to immortalize them.

They are genuine pieces of art with priceless importance.

You may carry some of them with you everywhere you go since you can wear them as pendants.

“We want to create a physical memory that includes a recollection of the pet. Our aim is to physically record a moment. Nothing can ever compare to the time you spend with your loved one, but we aim to make that time even more special by helping you remember it,” adds Cameron.

The company’s headquarters are in Idaho, United States, and all it takes is a little spoonful of pet ashes, according to the proprietor. Orders can be placed with him through his website.