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A Miniature Donkey Was Rejected By His Mom, But Now He’s Happy Playing Dog

In Canada, a tender burrito was born against the will of the home’s owners. When they first saw the young donkey resting on the ground inside his stable, they realized that he was unusually little for a donkey, but they had no idea how much this adorable animal would impact their lives in the future.

The happiness of their farm animals is Ted and Jody’s top priority in their way of life. Since of this, they were shocked to learn that a donkey had been born because despite their care, they were unaware that the pair of donkeys had mated.

They were alarmed when they spotted young Tim when they entered the barn because they realized that his mother had rejected him right away. Ted and Jody agreed they would take care of the situation themselves because it may be very difficult for the little pup to grow up healthily as a result.

He would feed a couple times at night and was like a newborn infant.

In the beginning, they were in charge of carefully adhering to the infant’s feeding schedule, and every 20 minutes, they were prepared with a jar so they could give him his food. Tim needed his adoptive parents’ attention 24 hours a day for the first several days:

In our room in a playpen for the first four months, my husband took him there every night.

He gained 22 kg in this way, going from 4 to 22, and he appeared more healthier and more energised as a result. Tim must have had a strange childhood because his mother rejected him, and as a result he became a very unique donkey who thought he was a dog!