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Man Camps Out At Shelter So He Can Adopt His Favorite Dog

When Dr. Brian Eberhart got the chance to meet Elliot, a little puppy, he knew he would do whatever in his power to bring Elliot home with him. Early in March, a little Border Collie in need of a family arrived to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. His name is Elliot.

His sad little eyes won the hearts of everyone who encountered him despite the fact that he was extremely shy and socially anxious. Elliot was thus put in a foster family to help him adjust to living inside and adapt his personality.

There, he made the acquaintance of retired orthodontist Dr. Brian Eberhart, who resided close by his temporary residence.


The Dodo was informed by Anthony Mercurio, the shelter’s communications manager:

As Elliot’s foster caretaker, Eberhart’s neighbor had the chance to get to know him and grow in love with him.


Elliot became eligible for adoption after spending some time in his foster home, and Dr. Eberhart wanted to be first on the list.

Dr. Eberhart was sitting in a chair when the shelter staff members arrived early that day, much to their surprise. The staff was baffled as to why the man was sitting at the front entrance reading a book; he appeared to have a great deal of patience.


Comment from Anthony

We discovered that Dr. Eberhart was waiting to adopt Elliot when we saw him camped out in front of the shelter. Other individuals also visited that morning, but they gave up and departed when they realized we didn’t open until 1pm that day.

Dr. Eberhart stayed put all day since he was certain Elliot was worth the wait and he only wished to see him once more. The small puppy couldn’t control his enthusiasm when he saw who was at the shelter to meet Elliot when the moment had finally come.

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When they first encountered one another, they greeted one another and displayed signs of extreme happiness; it appeared like Elliot recognized him and understood his purpose for being there.

Anthony also said

Elliott pretended to be catching up with an old acquaintance, and we could see it was just a coincidence.

Dr. Eberhart was successful in adopting Elliot on that day, and since then, he has gone by the moniker Leo, an odd abbreviation for “Love Each Other” (love each other).


Leo has always desired to be near his loved ones, whether it be by cuddling on the couch or nibbling at Dad’s heels, ever since he discovered the ideal family.

Anthony also said

He’s a clever, fun-loving, joyful boy who need to be watching his people at all times.