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Dogs Insist In Traveling In The Ambulance To Accompany Their Owner To The Hospital

A team of paramedics in the Brazilian city of Bauru learned last week that a guy was in critical need of assistance. They saw the man laying on the ground when they got at the scene; it appeared that he had experienced a serious seizure.

When the paramedics reached the guy, they discovered that Bob and Chiara, his two dogs, were by his side. Since they are a tight family, they were both caring for his closest buddy and had no intention of leaving him by themselves.


To everyone’s amazement, the two dogs made the decision to follow in their owner’s footsteps as the rescuers put the guy into the ambulance.


The paramedics notified their supervisors that the entire gang would ride in the ambulance after they made it plain they would not desert their lord.

Paramedics’ manager Patricia Iolanda posted the following on Facebook:

The staff opted not to split up the pals out of concern for the patient’s and the dogs’ lives (if they had been left alone).

Finally, they all made the trip to the hospital, where they brought the guy to the ER while leaving the two dogs outside to wait.


In an effort to wait here till their closest buddy arrived back, Bob and Chiara sat down just in front of the entrance.

The devoted canines had to wait the remainder of the day and into the night, but the next day, the best analgesic was given to their hearts. The man was allowed to go back to his cherished pets after healing from the trauma and being under the care of specialists.


The pups were overjoyed to see their closest friend again since it had finally been worth the wait, in their eyes.

Patricia penned:

“If this isn’t love, what else is it?”

Every day, paramedics deal with a variety of situations, but seeing these types of scenarios teaches them what genuine love entails.